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ReCap 360 Pro Promotion and BLK360 Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReCap 360 Pro?
ReCap 360 Pro is a reality capture and 3D scanning software that lets you edit and collaborate on laser scan and photogrammetry data for use in your virtual design projects. ReCap 360 Pro helps you start designing from an as-built model, manage on-site assets, and reduce costly rework requests.

With ReCap 360 Pro you can create 3D point clouds, photogrammetry, and mesh models for use in Autodesk’s design solutions like AutoCAD, Revit, Civil3D, and Infraworks. You can even pull Navisworks models into ReCap for RealViews.

What is the BLK360?
The Leica BLK360 is an imaging laser scanner. Unlike other laser scanners on the market, it is so small and light that it fits in a typical messenger bag and can be carried almost anywhere (it weighs about 2 pounds). The BLK360 captures the world around you with full-color panoramic images overlaid on a high-accuracy point cloud. The BLK360's 60m scanning range makes it ideal for small-to-medium sized projects.

What is the relationship between the ReCap 360 Pro mobile application and the BLK360?
The ReCap 360 Pro mobile application will serve as the interface to control the BLK360. Users can take scans, automatically register them, and visualize the data in the field. You can also mark up, tag, and collaborate on scan data while on the job site.

What do I get with this promotion and why should I buy now?
This promotion lets you start using the full feature set of ReCap 360 Pro immediately with a three-year multi-year subscription at a 50% off discount. Also, purchasing this ReCap 360 Pro promotion is the only way to secure your place in line to be one of the first to purchase the BLK360 before it is made available to the general public. After 30 days, you will receive a voucher directly from Leica Geosystems along with information about how to redeem your voucher to purchase the BLK360 prior to the public release for purchase this spring.

Does the ReCap 360 Pro mobile application require a ReCap 360 Pro subscription to work with the BLK360?
Yes, in order to unlock the features of the mobile application including the BLK360 controls, you need to have a ReCap 360 Pro subscription.

When will the ReCap 360 Pro mobile application be available?
Anticipated release is March 2017 and will align with the BLK360 product release.

Do I need to have an iPad Pro to use the ReCap 360 Pro mobile application and BLK 360?
Yes, the ReCap 360 Pro mobile application is designed for use with the iPad Pro (minimum 4GB version). Final recommendations and specs will be available with the application launch.

What is the price of the ReCap 360 Pro Promotion?
The price is 50% off of the standard ReCap 360 Pro 3-year subscription plus the advanced support price. This equates to $620 US SRP.

Is the promotion purchase refundable?
The promotion carries standard Autodesk e-store return policies (30 days). The ReCap 360 Pro license can be returned in that window, however, this will void your BLK360 voucher and promo code and remove your “spot in line” to purchase a BLK 360 before it is available to the general public.

If I buy the promotion, am I required to buy the BLK360?
Buying the promotion does not force you to purchase a BLK360. However, if you do not take advantage of your opportunity to buy the BLK360 before its available to the general public, then there is no guarantee there will be enough inventory for you to purchase the BLK360 at a later date.

Is the promotion available everywhere?
No, the promotion is limited to the following Autodesk e-stores: North America, UK, France, and Germany.

What is the price of the BLK360?
For customers purchasing the ReCap 360 Pro promotion the anticipated price of the scanner is $15,690/€14,690, after the $300/€300 voucher discount is applied.

Does my purchase of the ReCap 360 Pro promotion guarantee delivery of a BLK360?
The BLK360 is sold separately from Leica Geosystems and purchase of the ReCap 360 Pro promotion does not by itself guarantee delivery of a BLK360. It does guarantee the right to purchase a BLK360 before it is available to the general public. A customer will still need to purchase the BLK360 directly from Leica Geosystems when they become available

When will the BLK 360 be available for purchase?
The anticipated product release is March 2017.

How do I buy the BLK360 when available?
The anticipated method of purchase is from the Leica Geosystems eCommerce showroom: lasers.leica-geosystems.com. Leica will directly contact customers who purchase the ReCap 360 Pro promotion, notifying them of BLK360 availability and purchase options.

Will financing options be available to purchase the BLK 360?
Yes, the specific details and options are forthcoming.

How will I be notified when the BLK 360 is available to purchase?
A notice of availability will be sent to all customers who purchase the ReCap 360 Pro promotion directly from Leica Geosystems.

Can I buy more than one BLK360 with my promotion purchase?
No, each ReCap 360 Pro promotion purchase entitles a customer to purchase one BLK360. However, a customer can purchase multiple ReCap 360 Pro promotions if they intend to buy multiple BLK360s.

Who do I contact for support or questions on ReCap 360 Pro and the ReCap 360 Pro mobile application?
Since this ReCap 360 Pro promotion comes with Advanced Support, you can contact Autodesk via your advanced support entitlement as outlined on your account page in manage.autodesk.com

Who do I contact for support or questions on the BLK360?
Send an email with your questions to: leica.BLK360@leica-geosystems.com